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DA5294W DA5294W
Brand: Miele
Product Code: DA5294W
Availability: In Stock
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This beautifully minimal, ultra-thin cooker hood has been precision-engineered from stainless steel and glass, and features our award-winning top-of-the-line extraction, lighting, filtering and con@ctivity technologies. It’s intended to make a bold visual statement independently of other wall-mounted appliances. The built-in electronic push-button controls provide a simple, user-friendly control system for every function. The cooker hood boasts highly advanced home kitchen technology, including automatic filter-checking, which will notify you if and when the filters require changing. Its Con@ctivity technology allows hood-to-hob communication, which automatically adjusts hood settings according to hob usage, while auto switch-off technology is ideal if you need to leave something cooking on the hob while you're elsewhere. The hood also features Miele's stainless steel, quick-release, dishwasher-friendly grease filters for simple cleaning. The fully-dimmable, warm twin halogen downlighting can be matched to surrounding lighting, or tuned to contribute to mood-lit social environments. The lighting system can be activated independently of the cooker hood extraction mechanism, giving you fine control over the ambience in your kitchen.

Product Specification http://www.miele.co.uk/hoods/DA5294-W-204/#tab-specs