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Brand: Miele
Product Code: FN12421S
Availability: In Stock
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Product Description

Beautifully designed with a sleek white finish, this freestanding Miele freezer is both convenient and quiet, and stands at 144.7cm high. Its six deep freezer drawers provide generous storage space while being easy to keep clean, and they’re individually sealed to protect your food in the event of spillage. The stainless steel-coloured door handle features our EasyOpen smart design, designed to minimise damage to the seal and therefore prolong the life of the appliance. Inside the freezer, Frost Free technology works to collect and drain away moisture, meaning you won’t ever need to defrost it. What’s more, a built-in alarm protects your food by alerting you if the door is accidentally left open for too long, or if the temperature inside the freezer rises suddenly. Like all Miele appliances, this exceptional freezer has been subjected to a series of rigorous tests designed to simulate the effects of 20 years’ average use, meaning you’ll be able to rely on its superb performance for many years to come.


Product Specifications


  • Control type Electronic


  • Available colours White
  • Finish (front) Powder coated
  • Finish (side) Powder coated
  • Handle Lever action steel coloured plastic
  • Appliance type Freestanding

Dimensions and weight

  • Niche width 600mm
  • Niche height up to 1800mm
  • Width 600mm
  • Net weight 66.7kg
  • Height 1447mm
  • Depth \ Length 630mm

Performance and capacity

  • Energy rating A+
  • Freezer capacity 188litres
  • Number of freezer drawers 5+1

Programmes and functions

  • Super freeze function Y
  • Use to get the temperature in the freezer down to - 18°C and below - great for when you've just done a big shopping trip. Learn more!

Safety and convenience

  • Alarm Visual and acoustic
  • To protect food a warning signal enables you to react quickly if the door is left open for too long or the temperature inside the appliance has risen unexpectedly.
  • Frost free freezer Y
  • With frost free refrigeration appliances there is no build-up of frost and ice on food or in the appliance, eliminating the need to defrost the appliance.

Technical and consumption

  • Frozen food star marking 4
  • Max storage in event of fault (-18° to -9°) 24h
  • Freezing performance 16kg/24h
  • Compressors 1
  • Climate type SN-T
  • Door hinge Convertible
  • Electrical connection 230V/50Hz/13A
  • Energy consumption 277kWh/annum
  • Radio, TV & mains interference suppressed Y
  • Sound emissions 40dB(A)